Understanding Azerbaijani Politics

It is not always easy to understand Azerbaijani politics. This is because the practical reality of Azerbaijani politics seems to be quite different from what is written in the laws and in the constitution (and what you’d expect in a modern democracy). But then again, one has to understand that the modern Azerbaijani republic is a relatively young one — having regained independence (from the former Soviet Union) in 1991. It is therefore a republic whose democracy is still growing.

For instance, on paper, Azerbaijani is a multiparty democracy. But in practice, the opposition parties find it very hard to win any seats. Take the 2010 parliamentary elections: where out of the 125 seats vied for, opposition parties failed to win any. All seats were won by the ruling Yeni Azerbaijan Party and its allies.

One also gets the impression that Azerbaijan is, for all practical reasons, under a quasi-monarchial arrangement. This becomes clear after noting the firm grip on power that its president Ilham Aliyev and people around him have. Matters become more complicated when you learn that the current president is a son of the immediate former president, Heydar Aliyev. So you get an idea as to the type of political arrangement we are dealing with here. Still, there are many Azerbaijani citizens who seem to be quite happy with the leadership offered by the Aliyev family.

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