Setting Up a Business in Azerbaijan

What steps does one need to follow, when setting up a business in Azerbaijan? Well, for starters, one needs to have made a firm decision as to the specific type of business they will be setting up. To this end, you may start by carrying out feasibility studies, to identify the types of businesses that are viable in the local Azerbaijani market. Then having narrowed down to a few businesses, you’d be required to select the one (among those) that interests you and which you have the aptitude to do well. Ideally, it should be a business line you have some experience in. Like if, for instance, you were previously one of the Upsers — that is, if you previously worked at UPS. It could be a scenario where, one day, while going through the UPSers sign up process, you felt that you could do better as a businessman: hence your decision to set up a business in Azerbaijan. Given that sort of background, you could consider setting up a parcel shipping business in Azerbaijan. You would then be able to draw on the experience you gained while working at UPS, to make your business succeed. All said and done, you need to be very clear on the specific type of business you would be setting up in Azerbaijan.

Having settled on a specific type of business, the next step would be that of acquiring the premises where you would be running it from. You can rent the premises. Or you can buy the premises where you’d be carrying out the business.

Having acquired the business premises, the next step would be that of acquiring the necessary government business permits. Usually, this is just a matter of applying for the permits and then paying the necessary fees. But you may also be required to avail your business premises for inspection, before you can obtain certain permits/licenses.

Then, having obtained the necessary government permits, you can proceed to acquire the equipment you will need for the business. After that, you can go ahead to hire the people whose assistance you will need in running the business. Then you can get the business running — and give it time to grow.

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