Investing in Public Transport Within Azerbaijan

One of the ways in which you stand to get good returns is by investing in public transport within Azerbaijan. But the question that arises is as to how exactly you’d go about making the investment. That is the question we will be attempting to answer in this article. And the place to start is by getting insights into how the public transport industry in Azerbaijan operates.

Understanding how the public transport industry in Azerbaijan is structured

The public transport industry in Azerbaijan is fairly well organized. There are companies that are charged with the responsibility of operating buses on various routes. There are similarly certain companies that are charged with the responsibilities of running the metro system (which currently only serves the city of Baku). So you find that although the public transport system in Azerbaijan is not particularly highly developed, there is at least some level of organization in it. It is definitely not like those places where investing in public transport just means buying a minibus and putting it on a certain route! In Azerbaijan, investing in public transport means buying shares in the public transport companies that are already in place, or alternatively establishing your own transport company, and trying to get it to be allocated a route to operate on.

The steps to follow while investing in Azerbaijan public transport

The first step is to identify which particular niche, within the broader public transport industry you wish to invest in. To this end, you may need to undertake surveys, to find out where there are gaps you can fill.

The second step is to register the company you will be making an investment through. The alternative here is to partner with one of the companies that are already operating within the Azerbaijan public transport industry. The latter approach would save you quite a bit of trouble. You have to understand that registering a company (especially in an industry as sensitive as public transport) is not as easy as, say, entering the application code to secure a credit card. It is an involving process, and there is no guarantee of success. But if you partner with a company that is already in operation, things would tend to be much easier.

The third step is to make the actual investment. So this may be a question of acquiring the buses, setting up a new metro-line and so on. You will need to contact the relevant government authorities, and ensure that they guide you throughout the process. Chances are that you will experience some hitches here and there while starting out. But if you persevere, you are likely to start getting a return on your investment after a short while.

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