How to Invest in the Republic of Azerbaijan

What steps does one need to follow, when seeking to invest in the Republic of Azerbaijan? This is a question that comes up frequently in the Azerbaijan investment conferences I attend. And in answering this question, I always point out that there are three straightforward steps that one needs to follow, when seeking to invest in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Firstly, you have to start by identifying a viable investment opportunity in the Republic of Azerbaijan. There are numerous investment opportunities in Azerbaijan. Yours is just to go round the country, and to speak to the relevant experts, to get information on the areas where you can invest your money profitably. So this is the research stage. It is, to take an analogy, akin to what you’d have to do, if you were in the USA, looking for an affordable credit card to help you raise your credit limit. That is where you’d find yourself having to visit websites like — to explore the available options. Similarly, if you want to identify the viable investment opportunities in the Republic of Azerbaijan, you have to visit the republic, move around, speak to the relevant experts – and you will ultimately identify a space within which you can invest your money profitably.

Secondly, you have to obtain the necessary government licenses, in order to pursue the investment opportunity you identified. For the most part, Azerbaijan is an investor-friendly republic. You therefore shouldn’t have too much difficulty getting the necessary government licenses. That is as long as your investment project is a straightforward one.

Then, in the third step, you can proceed to implement your investment project in Azerbaijan. This may entail acquiring land, procuring the necessary equipment, hiring the necessary people, putting in place your operational systems… and so on. Break-even times for investment projects in Azerbaijan tend to be reasonably short. And if you implement your investment project in the right manner, the returns on investment should be reasonably good as well.

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