How to Have an Easy Time as an Expatriate in Azerbaijan

Having gotten an opportunity to work as an expatriate in Azerbaijan, you are likely to have several questions in your mind. One of those is the question as to whether living in Azerbaijan will be easy. That is a difficult question to answer. For whether you will have an easy time or a hard time as an expatriate in Azerbaijan depends on how you choose to organize your life. In other words, there are several things you can do, to have an easy time as an expatriate in Azerbaijan. Those things, that you can do to have an easy time as an expatriate in Azerbaijan, will be the focus of today’s article. And without further ado, if you want to have an easy time as an expatriate in Azerbaijan, you need to:

1.       Get the right immigration papers: if you don’t have the right immigration papers, you will have to live as an illegal alien. You will therefore always be looking over your shoulders, knowing that you are on the wrong side of the law. That surely won’t be an easy time in Azerbaijan.

2.       Understand the Azerbaijani way of life: this will help you to adapt faster, and avoid embarrassing situations.

3.       Register with your nation’s embassy: this way, you will have someone to take care of your interests and you will have peace of mind.

4.       Get someone to guide you in your early days: without a guide, you will have to learn by trial and error – and that won’t be easy. You may, for instance, be coming from a developed western nation – like, for instance, the US. Back home, you may have been working for a company like Lowes. This means that you’d have been used to the system of simply going to the Lowes kronos employee login page, signing in, accessing your work-related resources conveniently… and so on. Now that you are in Azerbaijan, where such systems may not exist, you may have a difficult time initially, coping with the new way of doing things. But if you have someone to guide you, the transition may be easier.

If possible, learn the local language: this is particularly important if you are planning to work for many years as an expatriate in Azerbaijan. It is only by learning the local language, and immersing yourself fully into the Azerbaijani day to day life, that you will have something to write home about.

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