How to Get Listed in the Azerbaijani Business Directories

As a business owner in Azerbaijan, it is a good idea to ensure that your enterprise is listed in the local business directories. You have to understand that many people refer to the business directories, whenever they happen to be searching for businesses to work with. That applies for both individuals and businesses looking for suppliers. On another note, if you are not listed in the local business directories, it becomes very hard to convince people that yours’ is a fully genuine business. In any case, they may not even put your business into consideration – because chances are that they will already have contacted the businesses that are in the directories, and started working with the same.

To get listed in the Azerbaijani business directories, you will need to:

  1. Identify the specific Azerbaijani directories that are worth getting listed in
  2. Contact the people who run the directories and request to be listed in there
  3. Make a decision on the category/categories under which you want your business to be listed
  4. Make any necessary payments, in order to get listed

Ideally, the listing should include your business’ name, the business’ physical address, the business’ website address and the business’ phone number. Nowadays, getting a business phone number in Azerbaijan is quite easy. And the Azerbaijani phone companies have lately gotten so sophisticated that they have online bill payments system – you know, something similar to the metro pay bill portal. Granted, Azerbaijan phone bill payments may not always be as easy to make as, say, metro pcs payment in the US. But, at the very least, the system makes it reasonably easy to acquire a business phone number and use the same in the local business directories. And the most important thing here is to ensure that your business’ directory listings indicate your phone number (alongside a brief description of what your business does and the business’ website). All said and done, your chances of success while doing business in Azerbaijan are greatly enhanced if you take the trouble to have your business listed in the local business directories.

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