Getting Started in Azerbaijani Politics

As an Azerbaijani citizen, you may decide to run for one or another political post at some point. You would then be keen to know how you can get started in Azerbaijani politics. And that is precisely the question we will be trying to answer in today’s article.

Without further ado, if you want to get started in Azerbaijani politics, you need to:

  1. Identify the post you are to run for
  2. Identify the party on whose ticket you are to run
  3. Create a grassroots support network
  4. Announce your candidature for the desired post
  5. Set up a campaign secretariat
  6. Campaign aggressively for the desired post
  7. Get agents to protect your interests on the election date

You, of course, need to manage your expectations while getting started in Azerbaijani politics. You have to keep it in mind that Azerbaijan is still a young, growing democracy: having regained its independence from the former Soviet Union in 1991. So the challenges you will be expected to tackle will be different from those that you’d expect in a mature democracy. Furthermore, what you stand to earn, upon election, will be modest. You may, for instance, have previously worked at one of the Darden Restaurants while living in the states: meaning that you were getting your paychecks through the krowd darden portal. That would probably have been an arrangement where you’d have been visiting the krowd darden login page on a fortnightly basis, to get your paychecks. You may then be surprised to learn that you’d probably be earning much less, as an Azerbaijani elected representative – in spite of having to shoulder much greater responsibility.

You should therefore only get into Azerbaijani politics if you are driven by the desire to serve the people. But if you expect to improve your financial prospects, then Azerbaijani politics is probably not the place for you. You’d be better off in business – because, on the whole, business in Azerbaijan seems to pay much better than politics.

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