Getting Around Baku, the Azerbaijani Capital

You have many options, in terms of how you can get around Baku, the Azerbaijani capital.

One option that is open to you, while trying to get from one point to another (within Baku) is that of using the Metro. As you are bound to discover, the Baku metro is made up of 3 lines, and it serves a total of 25 stations. Using the metro is a cost-effective way to get around Baku. But the disadvantage is the in the fact that you will have to walk from the metro station to the exact location you wish to go to. Of course, if the location is near the metro station, this won’t be much of a problem. But if the location is quite some distance from the metro station, that can be quite a bit of a problem. If you take this option, you will need to purchase a BakuCard, with which you can pay your fare. The BakuCard works in more or less the same way as the gift cards that are managed online through the Mygiftcardsite portal. But there are some fundamental differences. With the gift cards, you can visit the Mygiftcardsitelogin page, sign in, and proceed to check your balance and manage the card online. With the BakuCard, you just load funds, which are then deducted from your card whenever you use the Baku buses or metro.

Another option that is open to you is that of using a cab: for Baku is well served by a huge number of rather conspicuous black cabs. This is likely to be quite costly. But the advantage is in the fact that the cab will take you right up to the doorstep of whatever place you are going.

Yet another option that is open to you is that using a bus, to get around Baku. This is more cost-effective than the cab option. But the bus will (probably) not deliver you to the exact doorstep of whatever place you are going.

Given the fact that Baku is a coastal city, surrounded almost entirely by the Caspian sea, you also have the option of using the high speed ferries or the sea bus to move from one end of Baku to another.

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