Filming a Movie in Azerbaijan

There are five key steps that you need to follow, in the process of filming a movie in Azerbaijan. The process of filming a movie in Azerbaijan should be a fairly straightforward one, even if you are a foreigner. As you will come to discover, there exists a body known as the Azerbaijan film commission, whose role it is to promote film production in the nation. With assistance from the Azerbaijan film commission, your work will be very easy – that is, as long as the movie filming project you have in mind doesn’t have a hidden agenda.

To be able to film a movie in Azerbaijan, you need to:

  1. Identify a suitable filming location: here, you identify the location, then get permission from the people in charge of the location to film a movie there.
  2. Identify suitable acting crew for the movie: this may be a local Azerbaijani crew. Alternatively, you may find yourself having to get people from elsewhere to act certain roles.
  3. Contact the Azerbaijan film commission: these are the people to guide you, and ensure that you don’t get onto the wrong side of the law in the course of the project.
  4. Get the equipment you need to film the movie: nowadays, movie filming equipment isn’t as expensive as it used to be. You may be surprised to learn that even an average worker in the US can afford most of the required equipment. This means, for instance, that a person who works for a company like Nordstrom (whose workers portal can be accessed at can be in a position to afford the equipment. So we are looking at a situation where such a worker can be in a position to afford the equipment using only the paychecks he gets at But of course, if you are seeking the equipment in Azerbaijan, and it isn’t locally available, you may have to import it – and that would potentially mean having to pay hefty customs taxes.
  5. Proceed to do the actual movie filming: so this is really just a question of moving the filming equipment and crew to the location, and getting the cameras rolling.

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