Establishing a TV Station in Azerbaijan

Establishing a TV station in Azerbaijan should be fairly easy, nowadays. We are, after all, in an era where the media industry in Azerbaijan has been liberalized. This is an era where we have well over 40 private TV stations in Azerbaijan (against the 4 state owned TV stations).  Surely, if the owners of the existing 40 private TV stations in Azerbaijan were able to establish their outfits, you can do it too. You just need to be focused.

You have to start by figuring out what type of TV station you wish to set up in Azerbaijan. Is it a news channel, sports TV, movie channel… what do you have in mind?

The second step is to apply for licenses and frequencies for the private TV station you will be setting up.

The third step is to acquire the premises where the private TV station is to be based.

The fourth step is to hire the people with whom you are to work in setting up the TV station.

The fifth step is to popularize the TV station. Then once it acquires a sizeable audience, you can go ahead to monetize it by sending proposals to advertisers.

The most important thing you need to have, while seeking to set up a TV station in Azerbaijan, is capital. All the steps we have made reference to above require money. And the amounts of money you need to have are considerable. This is definitely not the sort of venture you can finance using, say, funds from a Capital One credit card (which is obtainable at The kind of money you can get through the credit card – after responding to the capital one mail offer — should be enough to finance, say, a tour to Azerbaijan. But it would be utterly inadequate, when it comes to a venture like that of setting up a TV station in Azerbaijan. Setting up a TV station in Azerbaijan is the sort of venture where, for instance, you would need assistance from venture capital firms.

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