Adopting a Child in Azerbaijan

It is possible for you to adopt a child in Azerbaijan. But you will need to go through a stringent vetting process, before you are allowed to do so. This applies whether you are an Azerbaijani citizen or a foreigner. But naturally, if you are foreigner, trying to adopt a child in Azerbaijan, you will have to go through a more stringent vetting process. All said and done, in the process of (trying to) adopt a child in Azerbaijan, you will need to:

  1. Identify the kid to be adopted: so this is a question of searching around, for kids who are up for adoption. You will have an easier time if the kid you are seeking to adopt is one that is not being claimed by an Azerbaijan family (whether or not you are an Azerbaijani citizen). As a foreigner, you will have an even easier time if the kid you are seeking to adopt is one who has been ‘suggested’ to several Azerbaijani families unsuccessfully – making him or her a candidate for foreign adoption.
  2. Link up with an adoption agency: an adoption agency can help you in identifying suitable kids for adoption, and in going through the necessary formalities without a hitch. Just ensure that the adoption agency you opt to work with is one that is known to be ethical.
  3. Go through the vetting process: so the objective here will be just to ensure that you would be a good parent to the kid you are trying to adopt. You will inevitably go through background checks. Your finances will also be looked into. If, for instance, you work for a company like PepsiCo, you may find yourself having to visit the MyPepsico portal, to print out your paystubs for use in the vetting process. So you shouldn’t be surprised if, as part of the adoption process, you actually find yourself having to visit the Mypepsico sign in page, log in, and print out your paystubs – with a view to use them to show that you are financially stable.
  4. Get the necessary paperwork done: if you are successful in the vetting process, you will need to get the necessary paperwork done, to make you the legal parent of the child. You may need the services of a lawyer, to help you in getting the necessary paperwork done.

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